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Airplane desk made from an authentic Douglas DC-3 Dakota wing

The Douglas DC-3 Dakota wing desk is an unique piece of high quality designer furniture, designed and created by Dolph Bode Holding. The wing tip is turned upside down, this creates a flat surface on which you can work comfortably. This aviator desk was the first of its kind and is still the most elegant you will find. All of the other wing desks on the market originated from our design.

From DC-3 wing tip to wing desk

First, after a full paint strip the wing tip is completely mirror polished and brought to a perfect state. After that, 2 aluminum support casings are mounted underneath, on which 4 aluminum legs are fixed. The result is a beautiful, smooth and perfectly balanced construction.

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Available sizes
small 196 x 150 x 72 cm
standard 230 x 150 x 72 cm